Walk with Confidence.


In our opinion, dog accessories don't need to look dull. Wonderdog is making a change by offering exclusive products that are unique, stylish, innovative, safe to use, and equipped with uncompromising ergonomic and functional features.
Our story.
"Wonderdog was born when we began questioning why such a significant portion of outdoor gear for dogs is either lacking in style, functionality, or quality. It felt nearly impossible to find gear for our dog, that seamlessly integrated all these essential elements.

We decided to make a change and started designing both stylish and genuinely functional, high-quality gear ourselves.
Wonderdog is a 100% passion project and a bold endeavor to revolutionize an industry where things have been seen the same way for far too long.

Wonderdog aims to inspire courage to stand out, maintain a positive attitude towards life, and emphasize the unique relationship with our dogs through the distinctive products we design."
Tuomas Mäkinen, CEO